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Directors notes 3/1/18

CONCERT OF LOVE! Now on April 10th at 7pm.

There haven’t been as many performance opportunities for students this Winter/Spring but the time has allowed us to do some really cool and unique things. It also allows time to focus on fundamentals and I am very happy with how the JH band and choir are coming along. HS band finished up the pep band season with some challenging arrangements and now everyone is focused on the ‘love’ theme for our spring concert. I continue to work hard to make concerts ‘entertainment’ events and I have given students a great deal of say in the music selection and theme. Along with the concert, students have been reflecting on the idea of love. What does it mean? What do you love to do? The good and bad of love… We have been asking questions and discussing the theme and will present some of student’s perspectives at the concert. The HS choir originally formulated the ‘love’ theme and they will present some great arrangements on the joy’s and hardships of love. I am so excited for this concert and I hope it conveys the true creative nature of the SHS music students!

LOVE POSTER CONTEST- Students will submit posters they create to promote the concert and you can decide which you like the best when you come on the 10th. This assignment will happen next week in class and can be submitted until March 29th Get creative and show the love with your art!

Students reflections on Love:

Tyson Bjornestad

A lot of people might define love in various ways. Family, friends, and pets would be considered love to a lot of people including me. Some other people might find love in a certain hobby or getting to explore the world. Some people might just love a community as a whole, and do what they can to spread positive attitude. These could be just a few of what people call love, but one of the things that I consider love would have to be music.



Love is an interesting concept

People can love an object

Or even a person

For some it’s easy to say what they love

But for me

it’s a little harder…



Katelynn Marie Moore:

I love music.  When I listen to music I feel happier than I was before.

I love YouTube.  YouTube also makes me feel happy, too, and puts a smile on my face.

I love drawing.  Drawing lets me express myself. 

I love my cats.  I love that I can snuggle and play with them.  

I love foxes.  They are my favorite animal.  They are really cool. 

I love dancing, just not in front of others.



Brook Hofland:

I love summer.  I love the sun and the warmth on my skin.  I love fishing and camping with friends and family.  I love swimming and just enjoying life.  I love that there is no school and no homework.  I love hiking and exploring.  I love running with Kindall.  I love tubing down Sand Creek.  And then there is ice cream.  Ice cream is good during the winter, don’t get me wrong.  But it is the best in the summer when you need to cool down.  In the summer my absolute favorite thing is going to Shade Hill and doing all these things at once.  That’s what I love.  But besides that I also have a love for sports.  So during the summer I do basketball, volleyball, and track camps.




Will Inghram

Many different hormones act as drugs to our own body to create this feeling of love. It doesn’t matter if its love for your parents, your family, or that special someone, your body is undergoing a chemical reaction that people call love. So next time your hands get sweaty and your heart races faster, don’t just sit there feeling stupid, not knowing what to say. Thinkv aboutthe norepinephrine being released, and go make conversation.







Ward Johnston is a musician and educator originally from Colorado Springs Colorado. He attended Berklee School of Music and Denver University for Jazz Guitar Performance and has a Masters in Music Education From Northern Arizona University. He loves working with all ages and is focused on students developing a passion for music. In the past 5 years, "Mr. J" taught general music and focused on composing and arranging for young voices. He is VERY excited about working with middle and high school students once again and is FULL of ideas for challenging more advanced players and singers. 

"If nothing else, I want music students to leave school with a deep passion for the power of music and the ability it has to effect emotion. My goal is to develop life long music enthusiasts who use music to help them though life!"



Get ready for a year of music, movement, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

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