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Directors notes- 12-5-17

·        The concert is coming together despite the weather! All students have a set list of songs so they should be practicing!!!!

·        After the concert students are welcome to stay for a ‘lock in’ party to celebrate their success this fall.

o   JH- 10pm curfew because of semester tests. HS- 10pm curfew for students taking tests on Wednesday

o   HS-12am curfew for students not on the semester test list.

·        I would like to ask if parents are willing to bring some snack food/drinks for after the concert? It will be a ‘pot luck’ style after party.

·        We need some candy canes for the concert. The small ones would be great. Email or call if you can help with this.

HS Choir- If you are not on the semester test list for Wednesday, I would like you to meet me at the hospital to perform some Holiday tunes from 9:30-11am. It’s a great way to give back during the holidays! You don’t need to show up to the school. I will meet you there at 9:30.

Directors notes 12-11- 17

Dress Rehearsals:

 Wednesday the 13 th during reading-“In this very room and Around the world rehearsal”.

Attendance is required for ALL music students!

 Thursday the 14 th during reading- Staging. Attendance is required for ALL music students!

Concert dress:

 HS choir will be dressing as different characters for a song. They are welcome to change after

the first song and before their signing set.

 All students should dress festive for the holidays. But that means “dress” clothes. No specific

uniform but holiday colors.

o A holiday sweater is a great idea.

o A tie for the boys would be great but not required.

o Please dress nice

I appreciate all the feedback I have received this semester and I wish all family’s a happy holidays! We will see you NEXT YEAR!




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Ward Johnston is a musician and educator originally from Colorado Springs Colorado. He attended Berklee School of Music and Denver University for Jazz Guitar Performance and has a Masters in Music Education From Northern Arizona University. He loves working with all ages and is focused on students developing a passion for music. In the past 5 years, "Mr. J" taught general music and focused on composing and arranging for young voices. He is VERY excited about working with middle and high school students once again and is FULL of ideas for challenging more advanced players and singers. 

"If nothing else, I want music students to leave school with a deep passion for the power of music and the ability it has to effect emotion. My goal is to develop life long music enthusiasts who use music to help them though life!"



Get ready for a year of music, movement, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

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