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Zombie Day

Director’s notes: 10/11/17

We had an eventful 2 weeks in the music room! Band Days was a success and it was great for me to see the process for the first time. I have heard some feedback about band days and if you have further concerns please contact me. I think part of the struggle was some of the students were attending their 5th Band Days and I had never been, so things looked different from what students are used to. I feel a huge responsibility to keep students safe on a trip such as this. I have only known students for 6 weeks and made the best choices I could to make sure everyone stayed together and returned safely.

Please contact me if you have concerns about anything. I am noticing I hear nothing until everyone is very upset and then the situation gets out of hand. I would like everyone to know I understand it has been a struggle to loose Todd and try to make a transition to someone new. And the transition is not going to happen overnight, or even in a year. I am very happy with the success we had last week over homecoming and I hope we can continue on a positive track in the weeks to come.


Events until Christmas break:

  1. We finally have some time in the classroom and I hope that will translate to some quality learning and practicing. Please ask your kids to bring their instruments home because they ALL have plenty of work to do!
  2. Next Thursday the 19th at 5:30, pep band will play at the Volleyball game. All JH and HS music students are welcome!
  3. Veterans Day Nov 9th 7pm: We will feature the choir but all students will participate in honoring our troops!
  4. A Country Christmas (From the CITY!) Get excited for a Christmas concert like you’ve never seen here in Sundance! All students will be performing.

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Ward Johnston is a musician and educator originally from Colorado Springs Colorado. He attended Berklee School of Music and Denver University for Jazz Guitar Performance and has a Masters in Music Education From Northern Arizona University. He loves working with all ages and is focused on students developing a passion for music. In the past 5 years, "Mr. J" taught general music and focused on composing and arranging for young voices. He is VERY excited about working with middle and high school students once again and is FULL of ideas for challenging more advanced players and singers. 

"If nothing else, I want music students to leave school with a deep passion for the power of music and the ability it has to effect emotion. My goal is to develop life long music enthusiasts who use music to help them though life!"



Get ready for a year of music, movement, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

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