Student Council

Due to resistence in districts the Hunger Games have been extended into next week.  Nov. 13-16th!

Additionally, the ice cream party for the winning district/homeroom has been upgraded to a pizza party. There will be no food collection on Wed., Nov. 15th because all peace keekpers/student council members are going to the elementary to help kindergarteners write letters to Santa. Your teachers will have their food totals by reading time on Wednesday so you can prepare for the finals on Thursday. We will be delivering to the Food Panty Thursday afternoon so they have the food in time for Thanksgiving baskets. 

These are your games with a super side-effect (filling the Food Pantry) so let’s have some fun! The peace keepers expect to encounter some resistance, just as they have in the past.

Rules of the game: Home rooms that have the least amount of food (based on weight) will be eliminated. Weighing food will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 7th. Although we are thinking volume we mustn’t overlook the needs of the community so single serve canned goods are welcomed for the elderly. 

The following members have volunteers to bring these items for the blood drive on Nov. 20th.


Water: Teila, Rigan, and Tanner

Orange juice: Gabbie and Josiah

Watermelon: Teddi

Cookies: Nate, Aubrey, Ms Jordan

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Sundance Student Council will meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month during lunch in the library.


Advertising  – Rigan and Aubrey – Members: Nevada Gill

Bulldog Olympics – Chairs: Teddi, Rigan, and Tanner – 

Members: Lauren, Rhianna, Sherry, Will I., Briska, Ella, Teila, Bailey

DanceChairs: Aubrey and Tanner – Members: Lauren, Marie, Gage, Rachel, Bailey

Parade – Gabby and Mr. Benvenga

Pep AssembliesChairs: Rigan, Tanner, and Teddi –

Members: Lauren, Micah K., Sherry, Rhianna, Will I, Ella, Rachel V., Teila, Molly O., Bailey, Josiah