Student Council

The following members have volunteers to bring these items for the blood drive on Nov. 20th.


Water: Teila, Rigan, and Tanner

Orange juice: Gabbie and Josiah

Watermelon: Teddi

Cookies: Nate, Aubrey, Ms Jordan

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Sundance Student Council will meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month during lunch in the library.


Advertising  – Rigan and Aubrey – Members: Nevada Gill

Bulldog Olympics – Chairs: Teddi, Rigan, and Tanner – 

Members: Lauren, Rhianna, Sherry, Will I., Briska, Ella, Teila, Bailey

DanceChairs: Aubrey and Tanner – Members: Lauren, Marie, Gage, Rachel, Bailey

Parade – Gabby and Mr. Benvenga

Pep AssembliesChairs: Rigan, Tanner, and Teddi –

Members: Lauren, Micah K., Sherry, Rhianna, Will I, Ella, Rachel V., Teila, Molly O., Bailey, Josiah