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The spring concert is Thursday March 21st at 7pmspring concert
All state music was a great success! Congrats to Will Ingrahm for making all state 3 of his 4 years. We will miss all the musical talent you brought to the community during yout high school carreer. 
Will I
All state choir         
A special shout out to another seinor, Will Tinsley plays, sings, and is quite a performer! In mid march, him and 11 other students will be performing at the UW Jazz fest. 
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Welcome back and I hope you are as excited about being here as I am! It’s going to be an awesome year and I am really excited about the new schedule as a great way for more learning to be taking place in the music room. Just in case you’re wondering what time it is in the music room….

band pic

This summer the band had a great performance at the crook county fair, complete with a full rhythm section on a trailer powered by a generator!


During the summer I continued to work on the auditorium setup and replace the ‘stoneage’ speakers! Not only do we have new, great sounding speakers but we have also gone wireless, complete with 8 wireless mics and lapel mics. The SHS auditorium is now ready for whatever performance students can dream up and would make a great place for any traveling band to perform!

music  kahler auditorium  kahler auditorium



Thanks to EWC and Frank Sanders, we have added 2 great pianos to our inventory of instruemnts so make sure you come by and check them out at our next concert!

grand piano piano

I focused some my energy in the last year on updating 3o years worth of equiptment and making Sundance a great place for learning and performing. All the work is finally paying off as things are starting to look organized and functional.

band room band room

band room band room


I am continually honored to be working with a great group of students and excited to continue building our program to meet their needs and desires. Many projects are currently in the works and I will keep updating the webpage to inform parents and community members of the latest happenings. Have a great year and keep in touch if you have questions or concerns.

  • Ward

Music Teacher

(A lifetime first for me… Going to a gig with all the gear strapped to my bike!)




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