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Mark Broderson – Superintendent

Hulett- Sundance-Moorcroft

Central Administrative Office

122 State Hwy 585, PO Box 830 Sundance, Wy 82729

 Telephone:  1-307-283-2299       Fax:  1-307-283-1810


Procedure for Unpaid Student Meal Debt                                           


The school lunch program is an integral part of the total school program.  CCSD#1 is committed to ensuring that all students are able to participate in the hot lunch program. Governing policies apply the same controls as any other division of the school program.

The superintendent shall be in overall charge of the program.  Each building principal shall be responsible for the general conduct and control of students using the cafeteria.  The food service clerk will work with the business manager to see to the responsibility of the fiscal operation of the program, as well as for state and federal accounting and reporting.

The operation of the food service program will be as a non-profit and will comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to health, sanitation, internal accounting procedures and service of foods. CCSD#1 meets all state and federal requirements necessary for participation in the National School Lunch Program.

The district expects that parents take financial responsibility for their students’ meals. Students’ meal costs procedures are as follows:

*Payments will be made in advance of the students eating each day and parents are expected to maintain a positive balance in their child’s lunch account throughout the year. Each school accepts cash or checks. Also, on-line payments by credit or debit card are accepted through the district’s secure site.

*Parents are responsible for paying for students meals and any charges incurred prior to the submission of an application for free and reduced lunch (and after the 30-day carryover period, if applicable).

*A weekly report by Central Office from Power School is sent to each building principal and secretary with listing of names and negative balances greater than -$1.00. When a child’s meal balance gets low, parents get a call from the school and a note may come home with your child.

*At the elementary level, students with negative balances may not charge ala carte items or more than five (5) meals total combined breakfast and/or lunch

*At the secondary level, students with negative balances may not charge. Schools may provide a sack lunch for students who do not provide payment for a meal, or students can bring a packed lunch.

*Free and reduced eligible students are provided a meal even if the student’s lunch fund has a negative balance; however, students may not charge ala carte or super-size if they have a negative balance.

*Meals will be provided to students who pay for that day even though that student’s lunch fund has a negative balance.

*Delinquent accounts determined as uncollectible are considered a bad debt and treated as an operating loss. They will not be absorbed by the non-profit food service account. Crook County School District # 1 may, if it is unable to collect the delinquent meal charges, turn the matter over to a collection agency to pursue collection and/or refuse to award the student credit until the unpaid charge is paid in accordance with W.S. 21-4-308. Documentation of collection efforts is maintained by the business manager.

*Written notice of this procedure is given to all households at the beginning of each school year and to all new students enrolled through transfer.



2017-2018 School Lunch Prices:

K-12 Student Breakfast: $1.85, Reduced: $0.30

K-12 Student Lunch: $2.70, Reduced: $0.40

K-12 Student Milk: $0.25

K-12 Supersize: $0.50

Adult Breakfast: $4.00

Adult Lunch: $5.00

Adult Milk: $0.30


Summer Foods Program:

National School Lunch Program: