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Jordan/Benvenga English 11

As we read and debate about capitalism and socialism, it will help us to watch how socialism is being defined by some people today. What dangers might lie within capitalism and what dangers might lie within socialism? 


We have been talking about fake news and social media in class. Here is what Google is doing to help combat fake news

Videos for the first week of March

This young man is 18 and about to testify before Congress video

We will read about this story in class and watch part of his testimony before Congress. Here is the link.



Videos for the week of Feb. 25th to March 1st

Watch this video to get a sense of how Thoreau feels about nature, specifically Walden’s Pond (5:52 min)

Remember from our earlier reading we learned that Thoreau was an abolitionist so to help us understand his thinking watch:  Thoreau’s Political Views (5:47 min)

We know that Thoreau spent time in jail because he didn’t pay his poll tax Watch this video to learn more about Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience (5:29 min)

Before we watch the movie Amistad it is important to understand why Europeans enslaved Africans? (Under 8 minutes) PBS video 

The movie will take us three days in class to watch, so we will finish the movie on Monday, March 4th


February 4th -7th

Videos for the advertising unit we completed earlier this semester. We will use the advertising concepts we learned to help write a book trailer (advertisement) for the books we read independently in class. 

This video discusses how Ethos, Logos, and Pathos is used in advertising.

This is a list complete with links to the videos during the 2019 ads. The ads are graded by the AJC. 

This is the 1984 advertisement for the MacIntosh computer along with an article

 Lesson Plans for Dec 17th-19th, 2018

Monday, Dec. 17th – Students will continue working on their DWA.

Tuesday, Dec. 18th – Students will complete their DWA and hand them in for grading. 

Wednesday, Dec. 19th – Review Vocabulary for the semester and then take the semester test. 

Monday, Dec. 10th, we will watch a video on how to write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay (under 10 min). Then watch another shorter example. Now we will go through the process of completing a worksheet to help us organize our thoughts on self-driving cars after we read the following pro-con article.

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, we will finish reading the pro-con article and then complete a Persuasion Map (grade) on self-driving cars. 

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, we will begin to work on the District Writing Assessment by first setting upt the MLA format, looking at the rubric, reading the directions and then articles Pro/Con on drivers’ cell phone use. We will discuss other places they might look for more evidence to support their positions. Students will complete a Persuasion map before they start typing their essays to help them organize their thoughts.

Thursday, Dec. 6th, Students will continue working on their DWA with Tuesday, Dec. 18th being the due date. 

Lesson Plans for Dec 3-6, 2018

Monday, Dec. 3rd, begin to look at the compare/contrast writing for Carsurd’s class.

Tuesday, Dec. 4th, complete the Election Campaign posters for Nellie Taloe Ross and read a Current Events article on Georg H. W. Bush and complete the worksheet.

Wednesday, Dec. 5th, we will check progress on Carsrud’s paragraphs.

Thursday, Dec. 6th, we will work on Works Cited and wrap Mr. Carsrud’s compare/contrast paragraphs.  Ms Jordan needs a copy to grade.

Lesson Plans for Nov 26-29, 2018

Monday – Nov. 26th – Help set up for blood drive  (work grade) and then we will finish the crossword puzzle on the Constitution .(grade).

Tuesday – Nov. 27th – Read  and discuss the complete list of ammendments.

Wednesday – Nov 28th  –  Mr. Benvenga will take the students to the hall and use the TV there to watch these videos by using his laptop.  Before we add the Articles of Confederation let’s watch this short video so we don’t get the three documents we ar studying confused in our minds. Here is a short version and more “hip” version of the Articles of Confederation (not quite 15 minutes).  In the time remaining in class continue reading through the Ammendments to the Constitution—your folders are on the tv stand by the door of the library. 

Thursday – Nov. 29th – Mr. Benvenga will set up in the hall so they can watch a video on Nellie Tayloe Ross (the first woman governor in the nation and Wyoming). Students will use the iPads (on top of the file cabinet) to do further research on Ross. Then they will create campaign posters for Ross: they can choose between her first and second elections. They are to create them on white paper and use either crayons or colored pencils. Collect them at the end of the period. 

Lesson Plans for Nov 19-20, 2018

Monday, Nov 19th- Continue reading the Constitution: discussing and completing the Six Big Ideas in the Constitution worksheet. (grade).

Tuesday, Nov. 20th- Finish reading the articles in the Constitution. (comes to class prepared – grade). 


Lesson Plans for Nov 12-15, 2018

Monday, Nov 12th –  Watch this video from Khan Academy on the U.S. Constitiution. (tTime 12:42) Begin reading the U. S. Constitution, stopping to discuss as you go. Students will be given a crossword puzzle to complete as they go. 

Tuesday, Nov 13th – Continue reading/discussing the Constitution and working on the crossword puzzle. 

Wednesday, Nov 14th – We will help unload the Food Pantry truck first then we will wrap reading and discussing the Constitution. Complete the worksheet on the Constitution’s six big ideas (grade) also grade the crossword puzzle.

Thursday, Nov. 15th –  Complete previous work and then read a current events article and complete worksheet. 


Monday, Nov. 5th – Read the background on The Declartion of Independence on page 92 in our textbook, then read the Declaration on pages 93-96. Begin working through a Cloze reading on selected passages of the Declaration.

Tuesday, Nov. 6th - Complete work on the Cloze activity and listen to the “Hamilton” soundtrack for the song  “You’ll be Back” as directed by our Cloze activity..” Begin reading The Bill of Rights on pages 97-98. Discuss each Amendment after it is read and see how it works in our daily lives. Perfect timing with it being election day!

Wednesday, Nov. 7th – Complete our reading and discussion of The Bill of Rights. Work on vocabulary from the Declaration and Bill of Rights.

Thursday, Nov. 8th – Read a current events article and complete the worksheet. Finish any vocabulary sheets that aren’t completed. 


Monday, Oct. 29th – Read and discuss an article entitled “For Missoula teachers, navigating current events in polarized times is perilous but important” then complete a Current Events worksheet (grade)

Tuesday, Oct. 30th – Watch a short video on how to choose your news from Ted Talks and complete the online lesson. Quiz for a grade.  An example of the unloving relationship between Trump and the press, Discuss this example compared to today’s lesson.

Wednesday, Oct. 31st – Watch a video on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Mr. Benvenga will help set the stage for this story set in New York state. Here is a link to the historical background about the legend.

Thursday, Nov 1st – College visit to Gillette College. 

Lesson Plans for Oct 22-25, 2018

Monday, Oct. 22nd – Read and discuss “Speech in the Virginia Convention” by Patrick Henry and work on vocabulary sheets.

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd –  Read and discuss “From Common Sense” by Thomas Paine and work on vocabulary sheets.

Wednesday, Oct 24th – Read and discuss “from The Crisis, No. 1” by Paine and finish vocabulary sheets.

Thursday, Oct. 25th – Share a talent day, students will give an oral demonstration about one of their talents. (grade)

Monday, Oct. 15 - Read and discuss “Protecting Anonymous Sources”. Now we will read and discuss “What Does Kavanaugh mean for Wyoming” and complete a current event worksheet (grade). Begin working on vocabulary words.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 – Continue working on vocabulary words.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Read Speech in the Virginia Convention (pgs 81- 85) in our text books.

Thursday, Oct. 18 – Test over vocabulary words and a fun read (grades for both).

Monday, Oct. 8th – Read and complete a Summary-Go_Round on 10 Tips for Tagging Early-Season Bucks. Then watch a video on the Salem Witch Trials

Tuesday, Oct. 9th – Read and discuss the quotes from “Poor Richard’s Almanack” on page 75 of our textbooks. Now watch a vido on the life of Benjamin Franklin. (26 minutes)

Wednesday, Oct. 10th – Read from “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” (pages 72-74) and discuss “Protecting Anonymous Sources”. Now we will read and discuss “What Does Kavanaugh mean for Wyoming” and complete a current event worksheet (grade). 

Thursday, Oct. 11th – Participate in building the float for the Homecoming Parade.

Monday- Oct. 1st --Continue working on vocabulary sheets. Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth Rock in1620. Their  success is due to the Mayflower Compact. Then watch this video about King James and the Pilgrims. (12 min)

Timeline- 1620 The Mayflower sails from Plymouth, England and after a journey of 66 days anchors in Plymouth Harbor, and the Pilgrims established a settlement. John Winthrop, English Puritan leader, arrives in Massachesetts with 1,000 settlers.

Timeline – 1621 The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims in Plymouth.

Tuesday- Oct. 2nd  Pilgrims and the Puritans – How they are alike and how they are different. (19:42 min)

Timeline- 1629 Massachusetts Bay Company chartered.

Timeline- 1675-1677 King Philip's War so named after Metacomet of the Wampanoag tribe, who was called Philip by the English. The war was bloody and bitterly fought by the colonists against the Native Indians. During King Philip's War, up to one third of America's white population was wiped out. This war proved to be the final struggle by the Native Americans of Massachusetts.

Timeline- 1692 The Salem Witchcraft Trials last for three months from June to September.

Wednesday-Oct. 3rd Read pages 62-66 in our textbooks, then watch the video on the Salem Witch Trials (17:41 min) This dark period in history later led Arthur Miller to write The Crucible in 1953.

Thursday- Oct. 4th Finish any of the work above and then read and complete a Summary-Go_Round on 10 Tips for Tagging Early-Season Bucks.





Monday, September 24th –   Watch a video on Jonathan Edwards for background information on on reading today. Read/listen to Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Pgs. 55-57 in our text book. 

Tuesday, September 25th— Look at our text again and identify vocabulary words we want to work on and then practice completing our vocabulary sheets. 

Wednesday, September 26th – Current events read and worksheet (grade)

Thursday, September 27th – Planning Days in the gym followed by a trip to the public library. 

Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 — Read in our textbook pages 27,35-39. We will reinforce what we read by watching this video on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 – Watch this video and then complete the Book/movie comparison sheet. (Grade)

If time allows we will work on vocabulary using the Vocabulary Practice Assignment sheets.

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018—

Mayflower Compact (4:16 minutes)

Watch this video on the Pilgrim’s voyage and the Mayflower Compact. (22 minutes)

Thursday — Read a current event article and complete the form (Grade)

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 – We will look at America before European settlers. Followed about why Europeans came; Read from our texts as we prepare to study the Iroquois Constitution. 

Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2018 – Take a vocabulary quiz from yesterday’s lesson. Next watch this video to reinforce what we are learning the Iroquois Conferacy. See you guys tomorrow! (Grade)

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 — Read in our textbook pages 27,35-39. We will reinforce what we read by watching this video.

Thursday — Read a current event article and complete the form (Grade) Link to article on 9/11


Hall pass article for class discussion






Lesson Plans for Aug 27-30, 2018

Monday – Students will tell a story they heard from a famly member to enhance their understanding of oral tradition. (grade)

Tuesday – Read and discuss Pages 7-10 in our text to help build background knowledge for the settlement of North American and how oral tradition help Native American’s pass on wisdom and knowledge.

Wednesday – Discuss myths, folk tales, tall tales, then watch video on Paul Bunyan as an illustration. 

Thursday – We will watch a short video on Senator John McCain and fill out a Summary-Go-Round. We will also watch a short interview of McCain when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam and finally we will watch a clip from a 60 Minute interview with Leslie Stull after his Cancer diagnosis.

Newsy video on McCain

Vietnam interview of captive John McCain

60 Minutes Leslie Stull interview with Senator McCain