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Student Council

Here is a link to a Parlimentary Procedure that is relatively short. Please watch this on your phones or at home so that we can implement it more in our meetings. 

Sundance Student Council will meet the first and third weeks of each month in the library at times to be announced.


Bulldog Olympics – Chairs: Madi, Tanner – 

Members: Aubrey, Teddi, Sherry, Lauren, Will I, Rhianna, Laramie, Josh, and Ella

DanceChairs: Aubrey and Teddi – Members: Tanner, Madi, Will I, Rhianna, Baillee, Sherry, and Josiah

Bringing games are: MJ (Twister and Apples to Apples), Aubrey (Clue), Ben (Red Box), and Tanner (Sorry)

Parade – Chair and contact – Mr. Benvenga 

Pep AssembliesChairs: Josiah and Rhianna –

Members: Madi, Teddi, Lauren, Aubrey, Sherry, Will I, Ella, Zoe, Mazlynn, and Makaya