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Reading 8B

Dust Bowl Era

Here is a link to the Library of Congress website

Voices of the Dust Bowl link 

Woody Guthrie – This Land Is My Land

Woody Guthrie – Dust Bowl Blues

Woody Guthrie – Great Dust Storm Disaster

Slide show on the Great Dust Storm Disaster

Feb. 5th – Let’s start here and then watch this next and finally review Super Bowl ads and talk about whether or not they are effective.

Feb. 6th – Continue watching Super Bowl ads and complete advertising techniques form (grade). Complete Current Events worksheet (grade).

Feb. 7th – Continue reading The Lightning Thief. 

Feb. 8th – Class does not meet.

Tuesday, Jan 16th – Basketball is gone so students who were sick last week may catch up on material they missed.

Wednesday, Jan 17th – We will read about the author of The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan. Here is a short video Then set the stage for beginning to read the book.

Thursday, Jan 18th – We will listen and read The Lightning Thief, pausing to discuss key points in the action.

Friday, Jan 19th – We will begin with a short fun read on current events and discuss how to complete the Current Events worksheet.  (grade). Then continue listening and reading to The Lightning Thief. 

Monday, Jan. 8th - Students will select and practice reading poems for two voices from Joyful Noise and I Am Phoenix. (grade)

Tuesday, Jan. 9th – Students will practice reading poems for four voices from Big Talk. (grade) and we will discuss where the road goes from here. 

Wednesday, Jan. 10th – Students will begin reading and listening to The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

Friday, Jan. 12th – Students will continue reading and listening to The Lightning Thief. 

Reading 8

Wednesday, Jan. 3rd – We will read aloud Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

Thurdsay, Jan. 4th – We will look at the different forms of poetry in the book. Students will write a short poem of their own. Introduce the image chef website.

Friday, Jan 5th – Students will write a concrete poem using the website above.