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7th Grade Native American Unit


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Native American Cross-curricular Unit 

Website Evaluation

Put your digital detective skills to the test and determine which website does the best job of providing the information that you need.

Your assignment is to complete a website evaluation worksheet using the resources below. You must discover the who, what, where, when and why facts about the Vore Buffalo Jump. Get a form from Ms. Jordan.

Vore Buffalo Jump. Org

Wyoming History. Org

Bozeman Trail 1863-1866 

Brief History

Fort Phil Kearney- Fetterman Fight 1866

Some folks question Fetterman’s boastful nature – read the following two accounts and then visit with your group to summarize what read and draw a conclusion based on what you read. We will discuss as a class after groups have completed their work.

Falsehoods of Fetterman’s Fight

New Perspectives on the Fetterman Fight

Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

View the original document here  

Articles of the treaty 

For the teachers

Custer’s expedition of 1874

Friends of Little Bighorn Custer Black Hills Expedition website 

Custer’s Expedition to the Black Hills Map

Expedition's timeline 

Samples from the book Exploring with Custer: The 1874 Black Hills Expedition- Caution this pdf takes time to load (You can also look at Ms Jordan’s copy of the book.) There are photos taken near the future site of Sundance in this book.

Teachers-Map activity

Battle of Little Bighorn 1876

Library of Congress -- Our best source for primary documents

Primary Analysis Tool --Use this to help you explore a primary source

Arizona Republican article - Native American's recall Custer's fight at Little Big Horn

Map of Indian Reservations in 1883