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Welcome to the SHS Library!

Our library is a fine fee library and we welcome you to browse anytime. Also come in to take a look at discard books you can keep forever!

An image of Mrs. Harmon

Mrs. Harmon

Library Paraprofessional


Want to see what we have in our library?

You may search the Sundance Secondary School library below.

Sundance Secondary Library


Citations & Digital Citizenship

Here’s a video for help setting Facebook privacy settings.

Citation Help: 

  • Citation Machine
  • BibMe works like Easy Bib used to work.
  • Try this link first for Easy Bib!
  • MLA 8 changes from Purdue
  • To help you visualize what MLA citations look like click on this link to Purdue for examples. 
  • Need to write an APA citation - try BibMe 

Using Reliable Sources: